Wines & Cocktails

Our wines are carefully chosen to best suit the concept of Circe. California and Italy have the largest presence as we specialize in modern American and Italian inspired cuisine. We try to influence our guests to enjoy great wines like a Nero D’avala from Sicily with a delicious veal Bolognese, or try a bold and stylish blend from Napa Valley with our braised short rib. If it’s Spain you’re looking for, you can find tempranillo with oak aging and hints of cherry and vanilla. We offer selections from Argentina to Australia, up to France and around the world. Our wine list grows as the menu continues to offer new and exciting options. Our menu does not grow to simply have more offerings, but to match the size and complexity of our dinner menu. Our wine offering is not enormous in size but rich in diversity.

Circe herself was a master of potions and wine; she created cocktails that drew men from all around the world. At Circe we strive daily to create cocktails that are not only seasonally inspired, but will leave our guests craving another. We use only fresh squeezed juices as well as other small batch and artisanal spirits. Our house infused fig Manhattan is an original creation that makes you want to infuse your own spirits!

Our mission is to create cocktails that will transcend beyond our restaurant. We believe success in creating cocktails comes through the desire to recreate those cocktails, at home, or for a special moment, that only that particular cocktail could satisfy. Please ask anyone of our bartenders to create a cocktail for you based on your likes, weather it be savory, tart, sweet, or smoky, and they will have no hesitation